Professional Seize and Control Self-Protection
Operating from a defense position using seize and control techniques. 

There are some jobs that may have a hands-off policy. But those policies become impossible to adhere to, when a situation has become physical.

This program was designed with techniques for the jobs that are challenged with a hands-off policy;  Teachers, Doctors, Nurses, Attorneys, Administrators, and some Security Professionals.

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Professional Investigator Security Officer

Seize and Control Program

Knife Fighting Workshop

Home Protection Training 

Learn how to use everyday  household items  as a weapon, to defend your family at home.

Stick Fighting Workshop

Junan Taiso (Exercise)
Physical fitness training (PT) 45 minutes workout, get into shape. 
(minimum $10. Donation)

Tactical Gun Training

CPL and Gun owners

Leadership Development Training
Leadership Development Training, For the student that are interested in becoming a CTI Coach, Trainer or Instructor in To-Shin Do Ninjutsu Martial Arts, you must be at least a level 2 student in order to start this training, Art of Life Sanctuary students only.​

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​Saturday November 2, 2019  1:30 pm

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Work and School Self Protection 

Learn what to do if there is a attacker at your job or school.

Martial Art Sciences
Our Lab study, is when we take a basic kata and test it out with different variations, to see what will or will not work in a given situation and why.

The fourth Wednesday of every month starting at 5:35 pm.

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